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Manual Membrane Rolling Machine
Describtion&Tech Details

Membrane making machine-most import part Rolling machine,with PLC andauto glue system which can let rolling process more easier and faster,better for membrane quality,More details:


1. Rolling Material System:

1.1 Discharge magnetic brake

1.2 Brake tension controller

1.3 Material positing device

2. Auto Glue System:

2.1 Servo motor and reducer

2.2 Gear pump

2.3 Glue mixing device

3. Rolling Device:

3.1 Servo motor

3.2 Tape system

3.3 Airpressure device

3.4 Tape tension adjusting system

3.5 Auto roller device

4. Glue coating system:

4.1 Manipulator(Servo driving and positing

5. Controller system

5.1 PLC System

5.2 Pressure device

5.3 Tension controller system